Everyman's Dream

Marking the line: Ceramics and Architecture

8 March - 27 April 2013

Everyman’s Dream was a work commissioned for the exhibition Marking the line: Ceramics and Architecture, inspired by Sir John Soane's house and collections, challenging where and how we view both ancient and modern works of art. The works were shown in the architect’s own home, No. 13 Lincoln’s Inn Fieldsas well as his historic Soane country houses, Port Eliot in Cornwall and Pitzhanger Manor, Ealing.


For Sir John Soane's Museum in London Twomey asked one thousand men to tell her about their hopes of personal legacy. This is in reference to the legacy that Sir John Soane left in the form of his architectural contributions as well as his collection of artefacts at the Sir John Soane's Museum in London.

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