Half in shadow: Half in light

 The Harley Gallery, UK

24 March 2018 - 29 June 2018

Shedding light on life at Welbeck, Half in shadow: Half in light reveals the push and pull of time on the historic estate. Twomey presented portraits of the current working life of the estate, shown as a series of lithophanes. Lithophanes first became popular in the the early 1800's. When place in front of a light, their hidden three-dimensional images become visible on the thin porcelain plate. 


Illuminated from behind, the porcelain lithophane skews the way that we perceive the contemporary. Just as the lives and the work of generations before shape modern life at Welbeck, so too will this old technology frame the telling of Clare Twomey's modern stories from the estate. 

On site photography by Jeff Gilbert