Made in China

Thing Tang Trash - West Norway Museum of Decorative Art, Bergen

October 2010–January 2011; curator: Jorunn Veiteberg

Made in China is a large-scale sculpture addressing distributed authorship in the contemporary crafts context. The work was presented at the West Norway Museum of Decorative Art for the international exhibition, Thing Tang Trash. The work comprises of 80 porcelain vases, each 1.5m tall, produced in Jingdezhen. Seventy-nine were decorated at the Chinese factory using transfers; one was hand decorated at Royal Crown Derby using 18-carat gold. The latter took longer to complete than the 21 days it took to complete the 79.


The vases were shipped to Norway by Twomey, in large wooden crates, and installed across the ground floor gallery. The installation of the 79 vases greeted visitors and drew them towards the main exhibition space, where the Royal Crown Derby vase was placed. Visitors could walk round the work or in among the pieces.

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