Plymouth Porcelain: A new collection

Plymouth City Museum & Art Gallery


Clare Twomey created a new collection of porcelain objects that come from Plymouth – representing a continuation of the city’s collections in the everyday lives of Plymothians. Plymouth Porcelain: a new collection can be viewed in the main atrium of the museum and will remain on display indefinitely. The artwork features 33 suspended cases containing white porcelain objects that have been cast from objects suggested by the people of Plymouth.


Twomey invited residents of the city to loan their ceramic objects for re-casting. The artist selected 33 of these to re-cast in a pure white porcelain, each piece individually back-stamped and displayed as a new heritage. Twomey says: ‘The work creates a contemporary perspective on usage and taste and the desire to use, own and love objects in our home. It connects our own relationship to porcelain to the historical collections at Plymouth’.


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